long weekend.

17 Aug 2009 In: General

a long weekend indeed.

my drawing is showing right now in an exhibit in the everson museum. half a dozen people i knew came out to support me. thanks so much guys, i’m touched.  afterwards we went out to dinner at spaghetti warehouse. i hadn’t been in a really long time. the chopped salad i got was great.

saturday morning i drove out to chelmsford with a pit stop in melrose… a fun was bound to happen. lets just say there was a repeat performance of the outer banks and i’m glad i had monday off.  saturday evening was not complete until LMs creepy neighbor held us hostage took us for a boat ride, and thought it appropriate to go skinny dipping in our company. thank god it wasn’t just JBP on that boat…

sunday involved a game of, where did i get this bruise? why am i so sore? and tell me about ___ before JBP and i headed back to melrose for lunch at HEKDs house. little nate was feeling under the weather the day before, but was in a good mood sunday.

i often wish when i’ve over indulged that i didn’t have to drive for 5 hours. i also wish that this summer traffic didn’t push that back to 6 hours.

i was glad to get home, shower and fall asleep before madmen came on. luckily my DVR caught it for me.

this afternoon mike came over and helped me move my air conditioners around so now i can comfortably sit in my living room and catch up with megan and her quest for a millionnaire.

i really look forward to the air conditioning at work tomorrow.

here are a couple of pics..

SLI and his new GF

SLI and his new GF

Me in front of my drawing at the Everson.

Me in front of my drawing at the Everson.

Patty and her new best friend, Lacey.

Patty and her new best friend, Lacey.

here are the rest of the weekend’s photos.


12 Aug 2009 In: General

i just got a call from cath. they are camping this week on lake ontario. they went up monday and from the sounds of it, picked up the teag monster right away. i laugh out loud hearing the stories of cath trying to curtail teagans running around in the woods, in the street, down the street and into the neighbors campsite…  i guess last night there were 20 or so people on the site next to them and they partied till 1:45am. i guess teags stood up in her cage and peeked through the curtains at them for 3 hours. :)

oh, how i laugh.

early night

10 Aug 2009 In: General

i have all intentions of going to bed as soon as i am done with my taco bell. i’m just saying..

the other day i received a check in the mail from bank of america for $200. it looked like a payroll type check, and the stub said closing cost reimbursement or something like that. bank of america did take over my mortgage from countrywide, but there was absolutely no note or anything explaining this money. i am hesitant to cash it for fear that it is a scam to get me to join their bank… what would you good blog readers do?

it’s been raining here so much the last couple of days, i totally love it! we had a wicked cool lightning storm here last night.

so i think i am going to bring p-head with me this weekend. the party thrower said it was okay. i hope he wasn’t just being polite, saying she could come. :)

so it sounds like a few people will be coming to the opening at the everson on friday! yay!

work in progress

9 Aug 2009 In: General

i’d like to find  a widget that chronologically lists the latest posts for the rss feeds i give it like my old one at blogger did.. so until then, you’ll just have to click each page again.. sorry.. that part is still coming..

i’d also like to find a cool way to post/highlight photos.

New space…

9 Aug 2009 In: General

I’ve made the jump into hosting my own blog! yay for me! this is a wordpress template because i don’t have the time or patience to set up a joomla site… plus i found a good shopping cart for WP that i can add if i ever want to sell things through this site.

i’ve spent so many hours on my computer this weekend it’s really sad.. but i feel SOOO accomplished. ready to go on vacation for a couple of days at the end of this week. :)

so. update your bookmarks, the future starts here!