has anyone else seen previews for this on MTV? its 4 guys who drummed up a list of 100 things they wanted to do before they died, then set off to try to accomplish these things and filmed it all documentary style along the way.

it starts january 18th on MTV. theburiedlife.com

so i procrastinated sleeping last night by coming up with my own list of things i wanted to do before i die..

1. fall in love and be loved back
2. spend a couple weeks in australia
3. spend a couple weeks in new zealand
4. see pearl jam in concert
5. survive a plane crash
6. own a BMW
7. meet adam carolla
8. tour the pyramids in egypt
9. lose 25 lbs
10. have children
11. meet seth macfarlane and tour studio where family guy is made
12. spend 2-3 weeks touring around france
13. get paid to write a travel blog
14. help build a house
15. lose 50 lbs
16. plant and harvest a vegetable garden
17. see a gilbert godfried stand up
18. nude model for a figure drawing class
19. spend a couple of weeks touring italy, be sure to see the amalfi coast
20. meet michael phelps
21. have a solo art show, sell some of the pieces
22. lose 75 lbs
23. see a taping of SNL
24. see the inside of the green monster
25. watch a red sox game atop the green monster
26. drive cross country
27. see a taping of the jimmy kimmel show and meet jimmy.
28. visit dresden, germany
29. lose 100 lbs
30. go to greece
31. take a cruise to alaska
32. take a helicopter ride around Hawaii
33. be a contestant on the show Amazing Race
34. fill up a passport
35. stay overnight in an ice hotel
36. lose 125 lbs
37. travel down the grand canyon on a donkey
38. own a persian cat
39. tour some wineries in california’s wine country
40. read the bible
41. spend a week or more on a sailboat
42. stay on a yacht
43. spend a week in Maine
44. whiten my teeth
45. lose 150 lbs
46. build a stone retaining wall
47. be assigned a clan by the mohawk tribe
48. take part in a sweatlodge ceremony
49. skydive
50. take a zip line through the trees
51. slide down a natural waterslide made of stone
52. have a song written about me
53. go water tubing
54. learn to snowboard
55. ride a mechanical bull
56. Go on a long train ride and stay in a sleeper car
57. go to pamplona and witness the running with the bulls