so for the first time, i had a dream with my dad in it. it was so surreal, it was literally like he was there.

i was at cath’s house, it was night, i was saying goodnight to my boyfriend (who oddly was jon hamm) and i walked back to the shed after he drove away cause i heard laughing and talking. a bunch of folks were sitting around, emily, cath, kitty, sarah and mike. everyone was just acting like it was normal. i looked hard at him and it was him, he even had a cut on his finger. noone seemed to be making a big deal about this. then emily got up to go inside to go to bed and i incredulously asked him “how?” he just kinda smiled and shrugged and was like “the conditions are just right”.. ┬áthen he got up and went into the house, saying he was going to wake up the kids.

then i woke up.

it was nice.