i recently had the opportunity to celebrate a dear friends upcoming nuptials in puerto rico. i jumped at the opportunity. i have never been to PR. here are some interesting things i learned/observed.

1. you don’t need a passport to travel there

2. their currency is us dollars

3. between the hours of midnight and 5am you don’t need to wait at red lights. this cuts down on “the carjackings”… i am glad we didn’t hear this until the day before we left. i think i would have been unnecessarily scared had we heard it at the car rental place.

4. verizon cell phone service doesn’t work in Rincon.

5. i think i have a “puerto rican” body. all the dress shops i noticed in the towns touted dresses with that dress cut i love, empire waist, flare skirt…

6. renting a place is kind of better than an all inclusive deal. it was certainly cheaper..

7. as with all foreign places, there are always other food options than the local cuisine. what we did eat of the local food was pretty damned delicious. mofongo is what i particularly enjoyed. it was mashed green plantains, heavy with garlic, and then topped with whatever – i had vegetarian, naturally, it was broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, all smothered with a brothy-butter. so good. and so garlicy.

8. lamborghinis are so effing loud. there was a douchebag that had one (amongst many other luxury sports cars he was happy to tell us) that he brought to Tamboo  and just would move parking spaces all night. when it was time to leave, he was so loud. i’m pretty sure there is nowhere on that island he can drive that car faster than 40 miles an hour. he was a douche.