One of the better investments I’ve made in the last few years is in regularly seeing my therapist. I’ve been seeing this guy on and off (much more on lately) for at least 4 years now. He is quirky, but I always take something away each week. Lately he’s given me these couple of tidbits…

1. “The honeymoon period” – I was emotionally expressing some guilt I was feeling in not physically being around that much lately at Caths house. He was quick to explain that in dating the honeymoon period is critical to the long term health of a relationship. He said its memories from those moments that you reflect on that sustain the relationship when times are harder. Similar to the bonding moments that parents have with their newborn children. He urged me that it was necessary to have those moments.

2. “falling in my lap” – tonight I mentioned that things are going so well in my life right now and how it makes me a little nervous wondering when things are going to fall apart, and that I feel a little bit like this new relationship has fallen in my lap. He cut me off immediately and pointed out all the work I’ve been doing on myself and getting my life in order to be ready when the right relationship came by. He said this opportunity has definitely not happened by chance, and that I’ve worked very hard to make it happen.

**tangent** Reflecting on what I’ve made happen makes me think of the service I went to in Portland years ago where basically the message of the sermon was “god makes everything happen, don’t be over proud of what you accomplish, give god credit, HE made it happen”.

It’s entirely possible that I am misinterpreting the message of that sermon, but it still makes me irate thinking that anything good (or bad I suppose) that happens to me is not something I should feel accomplished or proud of. I probably should look that message up, I think I saved the program from that service because I was so dumbfounded, I have to be misinterpreting that lesson… **end tangent**

Anyway, those 2 particular nuggets of advice were ones I don’t want to forget, so what better way to preserve then than sharing them with the world. ;)