time is the one thing you can’t stop and in less than one month it will bowl me over and i’ll be 40 years old. whoa.

i can’t say i regret anything as i reflect on where my life is at this monumental point. i do have a wish list for the future though and i’d say i’m in the best position yet as far as accomplishing these things in the next decade, if not sooner.

1. More passport stamps. i’ve already got a trip to Puerto Rico in the calendar, but Chile (Easter Island), more France, maybe Germany (Dresden), Australia, New Zealand.. i’m coming for you. also more cruises, that one last year was outstanding.

2. More visiting friends and family. i’m fortunate to know so many people scattered across this great country, i need to work in some vacations for visiting.

3. Eliminate credit card debt. i’ve been working on this since April 2013… and to date, i’ve eliminated over $17k. i’m counting that as a huge success and hopefully can bang out the remaining $5.5k before i turn 41. :) if my math is correct, this *should* be attainable.

4. Get married. this isn’t an immediate need. hell, i’ve waited this long.. children are no longer on the wish list, and since i’m only getting married one time, i am going to make sure it’s right, so i have all the time in the world if i need it. also.. falling in love has given me some confidence that this is an attainable goal.

5. Make more art. I have not prioritized painting, drawing or printmaking in recent years and that is rather sad. i’d like to get back into hand making my christmas cards again at the very least.

6. Play more games. Playing games and having game nights really is joyous. i need more of this in my life.