so after my last post, i decided that if i was as apprehensive as i was, it would probably benefit me to keep on keeping on with not drinking. not saying that i will never drink again, just not until the time is right. i’ve got a few parameters in my head about what would be the “right” time.

there have been a some scenarios lately where i think it would be appropriate to have a glass or two of wine, instances where i wouldn’t be driving, where i’d have this very specific type of wine.. each time i was in the moment, it just didn’t seem right. i would get to the point where i weigh having a glass vs breaking my streak. i’m really proud to be able to say i’ve not drank in over a year. last week at the doctors office i was able to answer the “do you drink” question with a no.

so, for those of you wondering, i’m still going strong. that’s not to say my perfect moment will not some day present itself, but for now keeping my streak alive is more important.