as i checked in to the airport this morning foursquare reminded me that it has been a whole year since i’ve been to the hancock airport. (love the free wifi, btw) a lot has happened in that year. i’m most looking forward to fitting more comfortably in the airplane seat, and also not needing a seatbelt extender… *fingers crossed*.

i am here an hour + early. but honestly i’d rather be here an hour early than miss my flight like i did a couple years ago. of course today there was no line at security..

this week in colorado should be super fun and jam packed with good times, i can’t wait!

the seatbelt fit with room to spare on the first leg. i was so excited i almost said something to my seatmate. :) speaking of seatmate, he was very chatty. he was middle aged, heading to the gulf side of florida (not disney, i asked). he told me he had never been to colorado but was very curious about the new marijuana laws. good thing i had studied up and could answer his questions.

i’ve been freezing cold all day but i had the chance to see the best real estate company that deals with homes for sale in pearland tx, i hope that its just a plane and airport thing and colorado is significantly warmer than it is here in Carolyn’s favorite, the city of brotherly love.

i’m once again loving the free wifi here in Philly.

damn i just saw on the screen that this flight is full and there is a standby list, and there are 22 people on the upgrade to first list. :( it does however say we are getting inflight breakfast food. what?! the weather in denver right now is 57 degrees. jesus. i think i brought one long sleeved shirt.