so i placed the below item up for sale on craigslist recently, and what follows is an example of some of the crazies that you *can* encounter on craigslist… this is the actual unedited email exchange (save for the phone number and email address redaction).

ps. artograph is still available in case anyone is interested. :)

Sal from rochester: Monday 8:30am
Wonder if you still have the Artograph?


Sal from rochester: Monday 8:31am
Still have it?

Me: Monday 8:48am
yes i still have it. would you like to come take a look at it?

Sal from rochester: Monday 12:12pm
Yes interested in it can you give me a call to ask some questions? my number or yours?

My number is 585-XXX-5453 if you want to give me a call or yours if you wish either way.


Sal from rochester: Tuesday 8:10am
Don’t know if you received my email on the autograph asking for you to give me a call as to asking a few questions on it as I am interested in it, so again can you give me a buzz at 585-XXX-5453 as it would be appreciated so maybe we can deal.

Have a nice day.


Sal from rochester: Tuesday 8:26am
Are you getting my email on the artograph?


Sal from rochester: Tuesday 8:26am
Are you getting my email on the artograph?


Me: Tuesday 8:48am
Hey Sal,
what kind of questions do you have? i acquired this projector from a friend and to be honest have never even turned it on..

Sal from rochester: Tuesday 7:40pm
Would like to know if you want to sell that ARTOGRAPH that you have listed on Craiglist? I have emailed you as to purchasing it but I hear nothing as to you even answering my email, if you have sold it already you could have at least say that it was sold I asked nicely to give me a call but heard nothing so please tell me is it still for sale yes or no as I will stop emailing you I am not trying to be rude but you have it listed for sale and I did answer as to the add that you said for sale.

Have a great day,,


Me: Tuesday 7:52pm
hey sal.

the artograph is still for sale. what is your email address?

Sal from rochester: Tuesday 8:20pm
I wonder are you receiving my email as to the artograph that I have been trying to buy as I have heard no answer as all the emails that I have send to you ,do you still have it?? if so can you call me at 585-XXX-5453 or I can call you if you like but would need a number either way.


Me: Tuesday 8:24 PM
hey sal, i do still have it, what is your email address?

Sal from rochester: Wednesday 7:38am
Rebbeca the email is. Better yet give me a call at 585-XXX-5453

Sal from rochester: Wednesday 8:20am
The email is
why don’t you give me a call that would be better

we just cant make it on email, I am interested autograph.


Me: Wednesday 9:14 AM
so you are getting my emails..

what are the questions you have. i really dislike talking on the phone to strangers.

ps. i have 2 other people interested in this projector.


Sal from rochester: Wednesday 9:38am
Well Rebbeca if you have 2 other people interested in it thats great as to not like talking on the phone why do you have one? like I said before my email was screwed up and the big question was I live in Rochester and I wanted to know if you would have shipped it to me as I would pay for the shipping but after all the confusion I really dont want it its not worth all the hassle like I always say if you buy a item on Graigs list make sure its located in Rochester and not out of town where people do talk on thier phones so Rebbeca I thank you for your time and good luck on the others people that are interested in your item.
You have a nice day.