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I think I get it now.

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When I hear people say that they “knew immediately” that their significant other was “the one”. The skeptic in me usually feigns and impressed look, but internally I roll my eyes. I mean, come on, that’s movie shit. That doesn’t happen in real life. Those feelings are reserved for teenagers and the weak. :) Until […]


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one of the definitions of Smite is: to affect mentally, morally, or emotionally with a strong and sudden feeling: They were smitten with terror. i hesitate to to write this post as not to “jinx” anything but my gut feeling is telling me to throw caution to the wind. at the time of my last […]

Adventures in dating… a 2015 recap

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Since early October I’ve been dating. Primarily online. While in my previous relationship I had some serious FOMO about Tinder so naturally that was the first place I went. For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s an app for your phone that presents you with potential mates that you decide if you like based on very […]

an analogy

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I’ve been sampling the dating market out there for a couple months now and i feel like it’s a lot like shopping. You take a lot of clothes into the dressing room, try them on, take some selfies, but most go back into the store. Then you find a pair of jeans, your size,  perfect color, they fit well, they’re the […]

My therapist tells me that in relationships there are no guarantees and that is the risk you take. well, i risked and was not rewarded. my ego is feeling deflated and i’m feeling sad and rather rejected currently. it appears that the fling i’ve been having is coming to an end. it was complicated and not […]