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my surgiversary!

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so a whole year has come and gone. as i re-read some of my early entries and think back to what i was doing and how i was feeling a year ago i realize just how far i’ve come, and how major my surgery was. i made some notes this month of things that are […]

11 month update

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it’s unbelievable that it’s been 11 months since my surgery. one thing i am astounded at every week is how much less i HATE mowing my lawn this year. it is nowhere near as hard to mow this year as it was to mow last year. this afternoon i almost didn’t even sweat! i’m soo […]

10 Month Update – August

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this morning i weighed in at 1 lb less than my weight at the beginning of the month. hmph. i am down 93 lbs now. sooo close to triple digits! in 2 months will be my year surgiversary! this past year has flown by.. i will bring back the beginning and end side by sides […]

9 month update

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i hit a milestone today. 90 lbs lost! i’m so close to triple digit loss! one of the greatest things i’m noticing this summer is that my feet/ankles aren’t perpetually swollen. i remember last summer looking down at sausages all summer, taking off my sandals and feeling relief, but seeing indentations of where my the […]

8 month update

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wow, i can’t believe i haven’t updated my blog really in a whole month! i have been trying to sell off some items that are just cluttering up my life, so i have been updating that portion of the blog, i did sell $150 worth of stuff in the last month though, so that’s good! […]