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8 month update

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wow, i can’t believe i haven’t updated my blog really in a whole month! i have been trying to sell off some items that are just cluttering up my life, so i have been updating that portion of the blog, i did sell $150 worth of stuff in the last month though, so that’s good! […]

7 month update

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good god, i feel like i just did one of these updates. time is really flying lately. not much difference in the photos from last month to this one.. i didn’t take my measurements last month, but this month almost all of them are 1 inch smaller than the last time. hooray! i had a […]

de-clutter for profit update

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so i have an update for my de-cluttering sell-a-thon! i have 4 items for sale right now and one sold! for more than i was asking even! so i have a mackenzie childs photo album on ebay for $100 a set of 4 wooden swivel bar stools on CL for $125 a coffee maker for […]

i’m a lucky girl.

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to say i was feeling overwhelmed in early February would be a gross understatement. i felt like i was on a sinking ship, barely keeping my head in the air pocket. to plug the hole and stop the bleeding i started seeing a therapist, stopped drinking, and started to pay more attention to my finances. […]