inexplicably angry today

12 Oct 2014 In: General

today i have been so very angry for no apparent reason.. the kind of angry where i want to break and throw things. i think holding this anger all day has given me a headache. i feel bad that justin was subject to such a foul mood, he’s always got so evenly keeled.

looking at my calendar i’m about to get busy. zoe’s birthday is this weekend, attending a town court meeting, then the book of mormon, then a wedding shower and helping out at a neighborhood race, then another paint night, then i go to boston!! i’m getting tired thinking about all those things. :)

in better news, my halloween costume is 99% finished.


2ply vs ultra soft

4 Oct 2014 In: General

shopping at Aldis is a real cost savings… they don’t have a wide variety of products, and a lot of their food is cheap processed food, but for staples, milk, eggs, veggies, cheese, etc it saves me money, however i still need to go elsewhere for particular items. today when i passed up the affordable toilet paper at aldi’s because all of it was soft, i drove to wegmans wondering if i am particular to a fault.

i might be in the minority, but i hate soft toilet paper. Mostly because i use a lot of toilet paper. A LOT, and while i mentally understand the idea of the softer toilet paper, the environmentalist inside me can’t bring myself to buy it, and i cringe when it’s all that’s available in bathrooms. Such a waste of money.

this level of particular-ness causes me to travel far and wide for specific things. back when i lived in boston it was not uncommon for me to shop at 3 different grocery stores in an outing.

my halloween costume is coming together quite nicely. i just need to procure some plain large geeky glasses, a yellow barrette and some black converse high top sneakers.. :)

Free Weekend

4 Oct 2014 In: General

i’m looking at a free weekend these next couple of days. free as in i don’t have to wake up a certain times, nor have to be anywhere specific the whole weekend. i’m in heaven.

i need to accomplish a few things by monday morning though. the usual suspects, grocery shop, vacuum, laundry, cat litter, pickup, and the not so usuals, decorate for halloween inside and out, hit up the thrift stores and joanns for some halloween costume procuring. i also want to be a part of the madness that is the new trader joes here in syracuse.

tonight i saw Gone Girl. it was an interesting movie. i have a couple of thoughts that i will try not to spoil any plot points.

1. ben affleck’s acting range is pretty small. i’m not saying he’s horrible to look at, but his emotional range is very limited.

2. while the movie was nearly 3 hours, it felt rushed at the end.

3. i really liked the actress that played ben afflecks wife. she reminded me of “penny” on Lost.

we’ve been on a winning spree at trivia the last 3 weeks. i have no doubt it has to do with the participation of the Wilsons. :)

whoa, it’s been a while.

28 Sep 2014 In: General

it was recently pointed out to me that i’ve all but abandoned my blog. trust me that was not intentional. i’m going to be giving it a more consistent effort.

as i realize my last post was about my decision to keep on keeping on with not drinking, i must admit that i did have a drink back on Mother’s Day. And several more since then.. while i’m certainly not drinking often, sometimes when i do i find it difficult to stop at a reasonable amount. while i still love wine, and dream of someday touring chile’s vineyards, i think that until that trip materializes, i’ve learned that i am better off saying no.

so this weekend i had the rochester hunt girls for a sleepover saturday night. they are so amusing and are growing up so fast. one of the things that i heard all weekend that cracks me up is zoe saying “what the…?” all weekend. idk where she learned that but it’s hysterical. i also heard a lot of, teag, you know, “what the..” is a NO word.. they are also getting more helpful doing what i ask. :)

i can’t believe it’s october next week. this summer flew by!

Turning a corner?

13 Apr 2014 In: General

so after my last post, i decided that if i was as apprehensive as i was, it would probably benefit me to keep on keeping on with not drinking. not saying that i will never drink again, just not until the time is right. i’ve got a few parameters in my head about what would be the “right” time.

there have been a some scenarios lately where i think it would be appropriate to have a glass or two of wine, instances where i wouldn’t be driving, where i’d have this very specific type of wine.. each time i was in the moment, it just didn’t seem right. i would get to the point where i weigh having a glass vs breaking my streak. i’m really proud to be able to say i’ve not drank in over a year. last week at the doctors office i was able to answer the “do you drink” question with a no.

so, for those of you wondering, i’m still going strong. that’s not to say my perfect moment will not some day present itself, but for now keeping my streak alive is more important.

De-Clutter Project

4/19/13 - Weedwacker - $40
4/20/13 - Returned Bottles - $4.80
4/20/13 - Sold Used Clothes - $12.90
4/25/13 - 17" Monitor - $20
4/30/13 - 3 Telescoping Easels - $15
5/3/13 - 2 Barstools - $50
5/9/13 - CoffeeTable - $40
5/19/13 - Contact Lenses - $20
5/22/13 - Contact Lenses - $15
5/23/13 - Contact Lenses - $25
6/6/13 - Scentsy Stuff - $20
6/9/13 - Returned Bottles - $4.70
6/9/13 - Sold Unused Clothes - $3.20
8/10/13 - Returned Bottles - $7.10
8/11/13 - Returned Bottles - $2.90
8/12/13 - Daewoo TV - $20

Total = $300.60