it’s time to trade in the Mini. :(

22 Nov 2014 In: General

sad days.. my car has seen better days. instead of putting an endless amount of cash into it, i think it might be best to trade it in while it still has some value. i wish it wasn’t a 2008, or model year. i feel like that is contributing to the issues my car is having. :( it was a good 4 years for me though.

i’m not sure what i’ll get next, but it will need to be substantially cheaper. my new goal in owning a car is that it last longer than my loan. i’ve never been without a car loan..

i can’t believe the holidays are here already… life is going by so fast these days.

much needed rest

6 Nov 2014 In: General

i’ve been going at all cylinders for a number of weeks now and all that go go go has caught up with me. i’ve taken it very easy this past week by curtailing my nightlife, resting and working from home and it’s really made a difference! it’s also given me some time to get some home things done that i’ve been neglecting or too busy on the run to do. i’m grateful that my job allows for me to work from home on occasion.

i got word last night that a college classmate, my age, died of a heart attack this past monday. 38 years old is too young to die. I probably hadn’t seen him in a good 10-12 years, but we were once neighbors in the dorm. He had an 11 month old and was a teacher. A beloved teacher based on the comments on the funeral homes page. i can’t help but draw parallels to when my father had a heart attack, granted he was slightly older, but not much, less than 5 years i think. we were so lucky not to lose him that fall. this death is on the heels of a couple of other cancer related deaths i’ve been aware of lately. death is an inevitable aspect of life, and as i get closer and closer to my 40’s i suspect that this will be a more common occurrence. this is a sad realization.

RIP Steve Hoard, Beryl Welch and Marny Cowgill

digestive unrest

26 Oct 2014 In: General

my intestines/digestive tract work differently now, and my body rebels when i consume the wrong things. my most violent reactions are when i drink sugars. i also have uncontrollable bathroom issues when i eat too much sugar.

either i’ve eaten too much sugar lately, and it’s built up to the point where it’s tipped the scales, or i’ve erroneously drank something that wasn’t sugar free. in any case, it was a rough week +.

i wish i had some inner strength to resist sugar. :( i think i’ve blogged about this before, but since surgery and subsequently since i’ve stopped drinking i crave sugar like i’ve never craved sugar in my life. i never had much of a sweet tooth before surgery.. *sigh*

in other news, i’ve retired my stovetop popcorn popper. i make so much popcorn that i’ve been going through the Whirley Pops like no one’s business.  so after a couple of recommendations i’ve purchased a Hamilton Beach Popcorn Popper. while i’ve only used it twice, i think we will become fast friends.

inexplicably angry today

12 Oct 2014 In: General

today i have been so very angry for no apparent reason.. the kind of angry where i want to break and throw things. i think holding this anger all day has given me a headache. i feel bad that justin was subject to such a foul mood, he’s always got so evenly keeled.

looking at my calendar i’m about to get busy. zoe’s birthday is this weekend, attending a town court meeting, then the book of mormon, then a wedding shower and helping out at a neighborhood race, then another paint night, then i go to boston!! i’m getting tired thinking about all those things. :)

in better news, my halloween costume is 99% finished.


2ply vs ultra soft

4 Oct 2014 In: General

shopping at Aldis is a real cost savings… they don’t have a wide variety of products, and a lot of their food is cheap processed food, but for staples, milk, eggs, veggies, cheese, etc it saves me money, however i still need to go elsewhere for particular items. today when i passed up the affordable toilet paper at aldi’s because all of it was soft, i drove to wegmans wondering if i am particular to a fault.

i might be in the minority, but i hate soft toilet paper. Mostly because i use a lot of toilet paper. A LOT, and while i mentally understand the idea of the softer toilet paper, the environmentalist inside me can’t bring myself to buy it, and i cringe when it’s all that’s available in bathrooms. Such a waste of money.

this level of particular-ness causes me to travel far and wide for specific things. back when i lived in boston it was not uncommon for me to shop at 3 different grocery stores in an outing.

my halloween costume is coming together quite nicely. i just need to procure some plain large geeky glasses, a yellow barrette and some black converse high top sneakers.. :)

De-Clutter Project

4/19/13 - Weedwacker - $40
4/20/13 - Returned Bottles - $4.80
4/20/13 - Sold Used Clothes - $12.90
4/25/13 - 17" Monitor - $20
4/30/13 - 3 Telescoping Easels - $15
5/3/13 - 2 Barstools - $50
5/9/13 - CoffeeTable - $40
5/19/13 - Contact Lenses - $20
5/22/13 - Contact Lenses - $15
5/23/13 - Contact Lenses - $25
6/6/13 - Scentsy Stuff - $20
6/9/13 - Returned Bottles - $4.70
6/9/13 - Sold Unused Clothes - $3.20
8/10/13 - Returned Bottles - $7.10
8/11/13 - Returned Bottles - $2.90
8/12/13 - Daewoo TV - $20

Total = $300.60